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42nd Street from West to East

  • 2 Hours
  • $35 (Adult) $25 (Child)
  • Group and Private Tours 

42nd Street is one of the most popular and frequently visited street in Manhattan. It's the home to site such as Broadway and Off-Broadways Theaters, Grand Central Station, the New York Public Library, Bryant Park and the Chrysler Building to name a few. But did you know, that there used to be building such as the Crystal Palace, the Latting Observatory, the Astor Hotel, the Opera House, and a Croton Reservoir on or around 42nd Street? Come take a stroll down this ever-changing street and learn its past and present history.

Tour Highlights
  • Visit Broadway and Off-Broadway and learn how differentiate these two types of theaters.

  • Learn about "Times Square" and why it is called the "Great White Way."

  • Visit Bryant Park and see where most of the books from the New York Public Library are stored.

  • Walk through "Hell's Kitchen"

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