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The History of Old New York

  • 2 Hours
  • $35 (Adult) $25 (Child)
  • Group and Private Tours 

New York City emerged from a Dutch trading post to one of greatest cities in the world. It was the site of the first federal hall of the United States Government, the place where Washington, Hamilton and Jefferson lived, the location of a slave market, the place where the stock market was created and numerous other historical, political and cultural aspects that helped shape of our current society. In this walking tour of Old New York, we'll dive into the history of early New York, explore the Revolutionary War in NYC, talk about the influence of Alexander Hamilton, the key figures that established American independence and how this impacts what, and who, America is today.

The colonial past is still very much present in modern-day New York. This tour will enable you to understand how New York City became one of the greatest cities in the world. This tour will visit many places where the history of this country all started.

Tour Highlights
  • Tour Hamilton’s NYC and visit the places behind the Hamilton musical including the location of “The Room Where It Happened”

  • Learn how the Dutch influenced Manhattan then and now

  • Washington, Hamilton, and Jefferson – where did they live and work

  • Was there a wall on Wall Street?

  • How did the stock market develop?

  • See the present-day site of the Museum of the American Indian

  • Walk down Stone Street, the first cobblestone paved state in New York City

  • Pass by Fraunces Tavern, a popular meeting spot for the Sons of Liberty and where Washington bid his famous farewell

  • Visit Trinity Church to see the gravesites of Hamilton, his wife Eliza, and Angelica Schuyler. Our time together will end near City Hall Park and the US Treasury

  • View the first Federal Hall where Washington took the oath of the presidency

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